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            1. ตก ปลา ได้ เงิน จริง

              Gain Total Control of Your Business Communications

              Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

              Protect Your Data and
              Intellectual Property

              Built from the ground up with multiple layers of protection, NetSfere’s industry-leading end-to end encryption protects your sensitive business data and intellectual property ensuring a secure communication environment for the enterprise.

              Keep I.T. in the
              Driver's Seat

              NetSfere provides IT administrators with a powerful centralized administrative control panel to manage all aspects of the communication platform. IT administrators can provision, manage and enforce end-user policies and privileges as mandated by the enterprise, providing total control to IT Teams.

              Stay Compliant and
              Safeguard Your Business

              NetSfere provides all the necessary administrative, physical and technical safeguards, enabling your enterprise to be completely compliant with the regulatory authorities. NetSfere allows enterprises to meet the most demanding and evolving global compliance and privacy requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, DFA, and more.

              Drive Productivity Gains

              NetSfere drives collaboration and productivity by empowering employees to communicate securely and safely with their preferred channels for communication – text, voice and video in an instantaneous, contextual and highly engaging mobile messaging environment.

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              Global Leader Launches NetSfere Lifeline? to Enable Real-Time Emergency Alerts

              NetSfere now offers an emergency alert system built within its secure messaging platform

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              Protect Your Business Data

              Learn more about NetSfere’s data protection solutions for enterprises.

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              MWL Interview

              Our CEO & President Anurag Lal's Mobile World Live Interview

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              Enterprise Messaging Solutions

              NetSfere’s emergency alert system provides rapid response emergency notifications, information and alerts.

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              Tap into the Power of Secure Messaging